Enjoy The Wedding. Love The Marriage.

You’re planning a wedding and there is so much to do! Decisions on your ceremony, food, decor, entertainment, seating plans and all those meaningful details, all born out of the desire to host a great ‘love party’ with your family and friends to celebrate your marriage.

In my work with couples over the years, I’ve noticed there can be a disconnect between the wedding day and their marriage itself. When all the planning, dancing, drinking & fun is done, your relationship, your marriage, is what remains. 

As such, I know that supporting my brides goes deeper than just hearing them vent their frustrations leading up to their big day itself. I believe that alongside your amazing wedding day, you can also have an amazing marriage and Individually Planned can support you in this part of your journey together, too. 

Time spent preparing for your marriage is as important, if not more so than the time put into planning the wedding. Relationship Coaching is a way to do this, it’s a great opportunity for you and your partner to look into your desires for your future marriage and to plan for what your wedding day is truly a celebration of, the start of your marriage.


Happily Ever After,

Doesn’t Just Happen

The Why

We spend time preparing for so many milestones in our lives; our careers, having children all in the quest to gain knowledge and skills to deal with these life situations, and yet for some reason time isn’t spent on one of the biggest decisions we make in our lives, to commit to the one you want to do life with.

Getting married is one of the biggest steps we make as adults and often we go into it without preparing for it, without discussing our future married lives, values or beliefs. Marriage preparation gives you tools and skills to help you design a happy, healthy marriage.

I’ve been with my partner now for over twenty years and I can tell you, working out how to become a happy, successful couple is hard work. Couples have important developmental work to do together after the wedding. 

You might be thinking “we’ve been together for years, we know our relationship.” Even if you’ve been a part of each other's live and lived together a while, marriage is a new chapter in your story.

Relationship coaching gives you - as a couple and as individuals entering into a partnership a safe space to talk about how to create a marriage together. It will help you to explore your strengths in your relationship, understand your areas of growth, develop your communication skills, help you clarify, focus and take action to keep fun and love in your marriage for years to come.


What Is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching helps you to design the kind of committed relationship you want, to feel in control and to be on track toward reaching your marital goals by looking at what works and what doesn’t for you as a couple. 

You can create an amazing foundation for your love to build upon, whilst getting the professional support needed to process all the normal questions, doubts and anxieties that come up during your engagement. 

All of which will allow you to feel connected, have fun and enjoy the run up to your special day.

Coaching enables you to look forward and focus on your goals, developing the skills so you feel in control and 'stay in your love lane'.

Who Is It For?

Our relationship coaching is for couples who are already engaged or those considering getting married. It’s for those who want to give their marriage the best possible start, whether they’re exploring marriage for the first time or have been married before.


what you can expect

What is the vision for your marriage?

Most marriages don't have a vision as to where they are heading and how this will happen. If you run a business you'd have to know where you're going and the steps you'd have to take. 

The same can be said about marriage.

Working with Francesca Elliott an ICF accredited, certified personal coach, the  sessions are focused on identifying your marital goals and creating your mission statement for your marriage.

You'll explore your shared and individual goals, values, communication styles, ways of keeping the love alive and more.

A good marriage mission statement will provide vision and clarity, providing you both with a 'north star' to follow when life happens.

I’m gonna go with my own experience and say  what I know for sure is...if you consciously and intentionally prepare for your marriage, you’ll have one that is satisfying, meaningful and enjoyable.

Coaching can be done face to face, or via a virtual call.

The main focus is on communication between partners through open conversations about things that you may not have considered before, on strengthening a couple’s friendship, closeness and intimacy. All in a non-judgmental space, so that couples feel safe to open up.


Francesca Elliot - ICF accredited certified professional coach

Francesca has been a coach for over five years and is on her way to qualifying for an ACC diploma.

What I enjoy most about coaching is its beautiful, effective simplicity, and unrelenting ability to bring about positive, forward-moving change.

Coaching is not therapy, and does not focus on past issues or traumas that may be holding us back. Coaching is about having someone on your side. A thinking partner. Someone with an outside perspective to bounce ideas off and get the encouragement and support that you need, to ask more of yourself and to accomplish what you really want.


you’ll learn things Like This…

Understand each other better

Communicate with love and effectively

Become a better listener

You will feel empowered and encouraged

Support to move through challenges

A deeper connection with yourself and your partner


Starting Strong

Pre Marriage Coaching

We'd like to offer you four sessions each an hour long of pre-marriage coaching designed to enhance and optimise this wonderful time in your life. This can be allocated across a number of weeks or months split up however you and your coach decide. 

Before we start the coaching work, we would recommend a Chemistry session in which you and your coach can meet (either face to face or via video chat (Zoom or Skype) and talk about the areas of focus. This provides a solid ground upon which to start setting goals and designing outcomes for your life together.

Investment From £420

Edna, your kindness, advice and support were greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything including listening and advice.
— Nicola

How It Works


01. Fill Out a Simple Form

You know how it goes, we need some basic info to begin.


02. Schedule Your Complimentary Chemistry Meet.

You will get a Welcome email explaining the coaching process in a bit more detail and to book your one hour Chemistry Meet. They'll be no commitment or obligation to use our services.

We'll get your questions answered and get to know each other. We look at some areas and behaviours that need some focus and share your goals and then decide if we are a good fit.


03. Get Started With Your Sessions.

You get started on your sessions as agreed!

They'll be some simple exercises to complete in between sessions.

Complete the form to book your Chemistry Meet.