So, What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

Wedding Planner

Essentially the job of the wedding planner is to do the job of planning a wedding. I know that seems simplified but you may have read that it can take 250+ hours to plan a wedding and that’s with a year’s planning time.

So, planning itself is another job, and it takes time and planning to put together a day that is meaningful.

There are three key elements of planning, these aren’t the only things planners do and there is a lot of detail for each area. I’ve detailed some of the activities for each element.


Hiring the people, your dream team to bring your vision life. These are your florists, rentals, photographer, videographer, catering, music, stationery, hair & makeup etc

In order to secure your suppliers, there are steps required. Using catering as an example; research has to go into the companies, you’ll meet with them, you’ll get proposals, you’ll compare the services, the prices and you’ll also be getting a feel if they are a fit for your personality and then negotiate contracts. Once this is done and you’ve decided who you’re going with you then have to have varying communication about menus and drink options.

Are there any dietary needs that need to be considered? Sorting out timings and attend tastings.

There is a lot that goes into this element times the number of suppliers you need.

Your wedding planner will be communicating with them all, sorting out your meetings- calling or emailing, attending consults with you or on your behalf.

That’s time - time you may not have!


This is the project management side, this is about creating and managing schedules, timelines, budgets, checklists, floor plans seating charts. This is all the logistical stuff. When talking about wedding planning this is the planning part of it.

Your planner will create custom checklists and reminders keeping you on track. Creating a budget and help you stick to it. A week before your wedding your planner will confirm with every single one of your suppliers so that they know times and places.

Creating the wedding day timeline, this is a must. Knowing when you need to start getting ready when deliveries need to happen etc

Some wedding planners also manage your RSVP, making sure all the details for your guests are tracked like meals, guest count, seating.

Wedding Design

Creating the vision of your day. Not all wedding planners are experts in wedding design, however, all planners tend to have an eye. I like to focus on the senses, what people will see, smell, feel, hear, touch.

You will get some level of service when it comes to your wedding design whether that is help with something specific or helping you pick napkin colour. Your wedding planner will be alongside you guiding you to discover the look, feel and experience you want on your wedding day and help create it.

These are the three key elements, however, alongside this, your wedding planner becomes your confidant. Helping you through any difficult conversations that you may need have, an ear for you to vent, being an unbiased person if there are any disagreements between the couple or wedding party. They’ll also be the one who will be honest with you; you maybe want a particular thing and it’s outside of your budget or doesn’t fit in with the vision of your day. They’ll let you know.

The other significant area is wedding day management, coordinating your day making sure all your suppliers come together, the logistics and the wedding design. Making sure that your day goes well, making sure everyone is following the schedule and is on time and any issues are dealt with (there will be issues).

Packing up any gifts and handing them to the responsible person who’s going to hold onto them for you. Making sure all the little wedding details like the favours are at the place settings, place cards are in the right place. All the little details you’ve taken time to create your wedding planner makes sure that it is all set up as you intended.

You can sit back and enjoy your day with your family and friends, celebrating your first day of marriage. We take care of all the background stuff so you can walk in and just be and soak it all in.

If you're starting to feel like you need support with your wedding planning, then get in touch, I'd love to chat.