OK, I’m Engaged! What’s Next?

engagement ring

You've just got engaged and it feels GREAT, Right?

You're flashing the ring around so it can just hit the right light to sparkle in someone's face.

I remember when I got engaged and I was travelling to work I would hold onto the bars with my left hand just so everyone could see the ring.

Your excited and probably can't wait to get started on the planning - creating your fabulous day. What I would like you to do is to take some time and just enjoy your engagement.

Hold off buying the mags, scouring blogs, looking at dresses and asking the other half "What kind of wedding do you want?" enjoy the moment with the one you want to do life with, stay present. You want to spend some time together with your fiancé just living in the moment of being engaged.

Once you start planning for the wedding your focus moves into the future. You'll only get engaged once, this is all part of your wedding journey and it’s an amazing feeling. Don't stress and worry about the wedding planning yet.

Then when you feel ready in a month or two or six or twelve, you can give me a call and I’ll be sure to take care of you.


Edna xx

4 Things Guests Hate About Weddings

Wedding Guests

“I want my guests to feel welcomed, comfortable and to have fun.”

This is one of the top priorities for the majority of my couples when they are planning their wedding day.

You want your wedding day to be memorable however you want to make sure that it’s memorable for the RIGHT reasons.

If you’ve been to a wedding where you felt that the guests were an afterthought, you’ll get what I mean, but equally, you may have been to weddings that you always refer to because they were just so fun.

With my background in fashion retail, I believe in great customer service and I use this ethos when planning the guest experience for your wedding. You are hosting these guests and any good host wants to make sure that they have a fab experience at your wedding.

So just like in retail, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your guests, so that you can make the right decisions for your wedding and make it memorable for the right reasons.

A great party is based on good planning and getting guests ready to party.

Think back to those weddings that were fun, it was the vibe, right? So you want to think about how you create that vibe.

Right here, I have four things that guests DO NOT like at weddings.

Bad Flow

A disorganised event is not fun. Let people know what’s happening.

❊ Think through your timings, guests do not like waiting and not knowing what’s next or sitting through endless speeches, it’s not fun. As a general rule, I say no more than five speeches and up to three minutes long each.

❊ If your ceremony location is different to your reception location make sure there are clear directions for guests. Signage works to guide people or a map on your wedding website, if they need to travel, so they don’t feel lost.

❊ Space, this is a biggy for me. Make it easy for people to get around and mingle.


As a Ghanaian, this is something that unfortunately happens far too often at Ghanaian weddings. I’ve waited two hours for a ceremony to begin! It’s not right, I think it’s rude making your guests wait for your ceremony to begin.

I like to keep things simple, how do you feel when someone is late? You probably don’t like it. Why would you do it to a room full of your guests who are your family and friends?

If it’s warm weather or cold weather it makes it even more unpleasant.

It ain’t no FUN waiting!

Cash Bar

Let’s get straight to it. Guests do not like cash bars.

“I don’t have the budget to fund a bar” you’re saying. I hear you.

If guests having a great time is a priority then a cash bar is not the way to go. You don’t have to have a full open bar, just limit it to beer, soft drinks and wine. This will limit the costs and you’ll still be a generous host.

Plan for the wedding you want, the wedding you can afford and treating your guests as just that. Guests.

Too Long Of A Time Gap

A gap can happen when a couple chooses to do all their photos after the wedding ceremony for example. This creates a gap between the ceremony and reception, which can mean that your guests will have to be entertained or will have to occupy themselves for a long period of time.

❊ You could do some photos with your bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen can also do theirs before the ceremony. This will cut down the number of photos needed after the ceremony and shorten the time.

Happy Planning xx


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So, What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

So, What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

Essentially the job of the wedding planner is to do the job of planning a wedding. I know that seems simplified but you may have read that it can take 250+ hours to plan a wedding and that’s with a year’s planning time.

So, planning itself is another job, and it takes time and planning to put together a day that is meaningful.
There are three key elements of planning, these aren’t the only things planners do and there is a lot of detail for each area. I’ve detailed some of the activities for each element.

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