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“ I help couples navigate the wedding world so you can plan your beautiful wedding with low stress and ease, keeping your relationship as the central focus so you can enjoy that engagement bliss!”

Edna xx

I’m Edna (old school name, I know) I didn’t like my name much as a teenager, but I’ve grown to love it for its uniqueness. Weddings have been a big part of my life for 9 years and coupled with my love of relationships and all things pretty Individually Planned was born. I’ve been fortunate enough to plan and coordinate weddings for couples across the UK and Ghana.

Individually Planned is here for two reasons: to help couples have an amazing wedding day and an amazing marriage.

What I’ve realised along the way is that couples can become disconnected during the wedding planning process and forget the reason for the wedding - you’ve found the one you want to do life with. The wedding industry has more of a focus on the pretty details and I’m on a mission to bring some focus back to relationships during the wedding planning process.

I love to make the wedding planning process simplified for you by taking out the guesswork, narrowing down your choices, managing the logistics (my superpower, btw), keeping it real with you, creating the space and providing guidance to keep your relationship a focus throughout the wedding planning and execute a beautiful space for your marriage to begin.

As well as your amazing wedding day I truly want you to have an amazing marriage, that is fun, helps you both grow and lasts forever. Your marriage is one of the most important relationships you’ll have and I believe that it’s important to our health, success, well-being and happiness. Our relationship coaching offers couples helpful tools and techniques to give your relationship the strong foundation it needs for a thriving marriage.

Graduating from the London College of Fashion, my love of styling as well as over 15 years management experience in major fashion brands and my learning, training and development qualifications have translated into a organised, calm and caring spirit with an eye for detail allowing me to embrace every aspect of a wedding

You’ll have time to enjoy your engagement, build a deeper connection with your partner and create a meaningful celebration.

Individually Planned may be the best planner for you if:

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❊ You want a major role in the wedding planning process and want to partner with a wedding planner to give you guidance.

❊ You want a laid back, low stress wedding planning experience (what wedding is completely stress free, eh?]

❊ The ceremony matters to you.

❊ You want your guests to have a time they’ll remember at your love party. The biggest party you’ve ever given.

❊ You want to be fully present on the wedding day, by giving up some control because you trust your suppliers to create a fab day.

❊ You know the importance of investing in your future because you want a successful marriage.

❊ You’re cool to let go of traditions that don’t make sense to you & you may even create your own!

A Few Things About Me

Born and raised in London into a big Ghanaian family as my mum and dad between them have 16 siblings. I currently live in South London with my partner Alex of 29 years and we have two grown children. He is my sounding board for all my ideas and with his support, love and patience I’m able to do work I love. We experienced difficulty in our relationship (because no one really talks about the difficulties in relationships and that it’s normal!) which is my reason for offering pre-marriage coaching for engaged and newlywed couples.

I’m real, honest, a lover of family and with a big family this translates to big family meet ups (which means I do most of the organising.), lots of food, fun, laughter, the occasional disagreement and dancing, which I love. You’ll almost always find me with a cup of coffee and my planner.

My experience has given me the knowledge and confidence to give you key and honest advice, share stress saving tips and guidance to select your dream team. I’m committed to partnering with couples to help you navigate this wedding world and make your vision come to life and be with you when you walk down the aisle - my favourite moment of a wedding.

Individually Planned

Let’s get to know each other in real life!

Fantastic experience, fun to work with too!
First class support, advice and impressed with the outcome. Your ability to understand and deliver on my vision and take it somewhere I didn’t expect.
— Maria